Terms and Conditions

Pippin Pre-School and parents agree to their commitment as set out below:

  • Pippin Pre-School will deliver to the best of their ability, a safe, happy, warm and caring environment where each child is treated as an individual and is encouraged to reach their full potential through a curriculum designed to meet the DFSE’s learning outcomes. There will be suitable equipment for all ages and stages of child development and in-service training. A variety of snacks will be provided to suit each child’s needs. Children will have access to any comfort transitional objects that they require.

  • The pre-school will operate under Ofsted guidelines and regulations offering a staff to child ratio 1:8 aged 3-5 years, and 1:4 for children aged 2yrs to 3 years, as laid down by The Children Act 1989.

  • Pippin pre-school will deliver a service between the hours of 9am to 3.15 pm Monday – Friday term time, excluding Bank Holidays. Any amendments to these times will be confirmed with parents via email.

  • The pre-school requires written notice of four weeks or payment in lieu for children who are being withdrawn from the setting for any reason, other than medical.All fees will be paid in advance with Parents agreeing to pay promptly. Payment is required for times when a child is away from the pre-school due to sickness or holiday. Unattended sessions cannot be exchanged in lieu of another session.

  • Parents will give notice of the child’s absence for any reason including illness.Children suffering from sickness and diarrhoea must remaining away from the setting until 48 hours have passed. If there is any doubt about the child’s fitness to attend the pre-school the Management Team will make the final decision.

  • Should we need to evacuate the premises for whatever reason (Fire/bomb threat) a credit/exchange of session will not be issued.

  • Parents of children accessing 30 hours of Nursery Funding are responsible for renewing their code every 3 months when instructed by HMRC, failure to do so will result in sessions being charged for. A Parent Declaration form will need to be signed termly in addition to the online code renewal.

  • Parents are responsible for informing Pippin Pre-School of any alterations to the information regarding their child (change of address, telephone, password, collection etc).

  • Should there be any behaviour incidents involving your child, parents will be informed of the situation.

  • Parents who are consistently late picking up their child may be liable for a late payment charge.

  • Any information regarding my child will be treated as confidential.However, there may be time for example in cases of child protection concerns when details of children may be passed onto other agencies for example Police, Children’s Social Care and Health Care Professionals.

  • Policies and procedures can be found on here