Payment Contract

This payment contract lays out the payment terms for use of Pippin Preschool, Pippin Wraparound Care and Pippin Holiday Club. Preschool sessions are those between the hours of 9am and 3.15pm during term time. Wraparound denotes breakfast club and afterschool care. Holiday Club relates to any sessions outside of term time.

  • Invoices will be emailed from on or around the 20th of the month preceding the month being invoiced.

  • Invoices are due for payment by the 1st of the month being invoiced. (For example, payment for September is due by 1st September).

  • Payment can be made by cash, childcare voucher or BACStoA/C: 47313487sort: 09-01-54.

  • Failure to settle an invoice on time may result in future sessions being temporarily suspended until the account is up to date.

  • The full cost of the session will be charged even if it is only part used.

  • Unattended sessions cannot be exchanged in lieu of another session.

  • Bookings made for preschool or wraparound sessions which are unattended will be charged unless 4 weeks’ notice is given. This charge may be waived on the decision of the manager in exceptional circumstances.

  • All holiday club bookings must be paid for at time of booking in order to secure a place and these are non-refundable at any time unless under exceptional circumstance with agreement of the manager.

  • For wraparound care - If three consecutive sessions are unattended (the same day over three weeks) the place will be withdrawn and offered to another family.

  • Where a child is collected after 6pm from evening wraparound care or holiday club a charge of £20 per quarter of an hour (per family) will be applied to cover the cost of staff overtime.

It is important that you let the finance officer know if you are experiencing financial difficulty or if you suspect that you may be unable to make future payments on time in order to avoid potential legal action.