Privacy Notice

In order to deliver a childcare service, we will require personal data about you and your child. In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, we must have a legal basis for collecting data.

We will collect data as part of your child’s induction to the setting. As per our Data Protection Policy, parents will be required to check annually and confirm that the data held is still accurate. We will ask you to complete and return a data form. Where consent is required, we will provide information to enable you to decide what information is made available and how it is shared.

We are required to keep personal data to comply with the Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework 2017, Ofsted, the Department for Education and the local authority.

How we will use the information you have given us:

  • We will use the information you have given us about yourself to contact you about your child.
  • Please ensure that you tell any additional adults that you have given us their contact details, so that we can contact them if we are unable to speak to you if your child is unwell, has an accident, or is uncollected at the end of the session. If they have any questions or queries regarding this, please direct them to contact Pippin Preschool at
  • We will use the information you have given us to track your child’s learning and development and to keep them safe.
  • We will ensure a contract of service is delivered and maintained
  • With your consent, we may share the information with other professionals supporting your child, for example health visitor, pre-school, nursery, school, other health or education professional.
  • With your consent, we may share the information with the local authority through the Free Childcare and Early Education Entitlement headcount and annual Early Years Census (England)
  • The information may be shared with the local safeguarding children’s board or Social Services Referral and Assessment Team if we have any concerns about the safety of your child.